Robert Dib Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates studio-clinic has been in operation since 2003 and has been practicing since 1988.

Robert Dib is the practice principal and has been practicing since 1988 and been trained as a Pilates instructor since 1998. The studio-clinic has been modeled on “Dance Medicine Australia” Prahran where Robert did his training.

There is a “Reformer” and helpful staff waiting to assist you in your experience working out as a part of a group setting, one on one or performing your own repertoire.

The group classes are popular with Robert taking groups sessions of “Matwork” or “Reformer” one on one. We resist the trend of other centres that have large class sizes.

Quality is very important to us as we are often dealing with people with injuries and the classes are structured to assist in healing and not to further injure. Despite this people build on there strengths and improve on their weaknesses. Mobility and strength come from improved core control and this is our aim.

The Pilates method is a unique way of strengthening “the core” – a commonly used term these days. This in essence means the strength and coordination of the deep abdominal muscles which are so important in maintaining spinal function and improving performance and posture.

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